Built around providing the best experience for clients, our services are based on one simple principle: getting our customers answers quickly and efficiently. Whether through our consulting services or our 24x7x365 in-house help desk, we aim to provide clients with the best information possible; we want to help businesses optimize their potential through well-functioning, high-quality IT environments. Our goal is to simplify IT to a wide variety of clients from lumber and building materials to millwork, sales offices, and more.

Our services include:

IT Consulting From project management to personnel recruitment, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and hardware/software design projects, our V&A experts specialize in creating tailored solutions to fit the most specific client need. We also offer implementation services.

Software Design and Programming – V&A has a successful history of designing and implementing specialized software for business needs where packaged software is not available. Our custom programming services are available on a per hour or project basis.

24x7x365 Live Help Desk Support We never push our clients to third party call centers; every call connects directly to a live, in-house expert. If issues are not solved immediately through our staff support or remote monitoring services, then we directly connect clients to the person who can provide answers, whether that is a developer or the president of V&A.

Warranty and Maintenance Management Buy equipment from us and we keep track of maintenance and hardware contracts for you. Every month, V&A experts check-up on client systems to verify that all messages have been received and pending updates taken care of.