Inventrac Overview

Inventrac Overview


For service-oriented businesses in the distribution & warehousing industry that require custom materials or products to perform special order services Inventrac offers companies the ability to closely monitor and manage jobs, track completion status, and inventory both materials and labor charges. With one single financial system data base built-in, Inventrac can even analyze profitability, giving companies greater visibility into their overall business performance. Handling every step of the assembly process, Inventrac is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive solution that has the ability to transform the way the construction industry operates.

Inventrac helps companies:

  • Increase sales and profit
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Better manage inventory
  • Improve credit monitoring
  • Control receivables
  • Improve cash flow and enhance ROI

Inventrac does this by providing all of the following functions:

  • Receiving of stock
  • Fully integrated general ledger and accounts payable financial systems
  • Inventory control and management
  • Price quotes
  • Accounts receivable tracking
  • Customer order entry
  • Aging and management
  • Picking and packing slips
  • Cash receipts processing
  • Invoicing (both point-of-sale and open account)
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales goal tracking and reporting
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Customer back order tracking
  • Price change processing and expediting
  • Physical inventory reconciliation
  • Purchasing
  • Inter-company transfers of stock
  • Purchase order tracking