Financial Systems

Financial Systems


Designed with optimum integration in mind, all financial systems including Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are interfaced directly to Voelker and Associates home-grown General Ledger Financial System. With enhanced interoperability, clients can place orders, key in item information, directly ship items, automatically invoice customers, and pull purchase orders packed with information all from one dashboard control. This saves time and effort, and assures the ultimate accuracy and integrity of financial data. These financial systems are designed to manage multiple companies as well as multiple locations, and departments.

Our financial systems include:

General Ledger General ledger has the ability to handle multiple accounting periods open at one time, allowing large multi-department and multi-location organizations to work at once. Voelker’s General Ledger system also possess built-in spending analytics, allowing companies to prince statements of change in financial position, as well as year-end-close financial summaries of incomes and expense accounting periods. General Ledger allows budgeting by month of income and expense items and handles prior period adjustments. Allowing simple auditability, General Ledger accumulates month-to-date and year-to-date detail files, even online account balance and inquiry lists.

General Ledger provides the following reports:

  • Monthly Transaction Split/Balance
  • Detail General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet (this year and prior year)
  • State of Income and Expense (comparing this month/year to last month/year and to budget)
  • Departmental Statement of Income and Expense
  • Year-to-Date Detail General Ledger (for specific accounts or all accounts)
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Prior Period Adjustment Register
  • Journal Entry Register
  • Recurring Journal Entry List
  • Recurring Journal Entry Register
  • Budget Report

Accounts Payable Accounts Payable financial system has the ability to process handwritten and void checks, perform check reconciliation, write checks for multiple bank accounts, and automatically void overflow checks. With A/P approval processes that can allow up to 3 levels of approval before paying items, clients can ensure information accuracy. Operators have ultimate control over vouchers, selecting by date, which are to be paid and held, and altering due dates of specific vouchers. Accounts Payable financial systems also allow for partial payments, prompt payment discounts, and can even provide online inquiry into vendor information by vendor name, vendor number, address, as well as both open and paid voucher information for the previous 12 months.

Accounts Payable provides the following reports:

  • Twelve Month Vendor Activity Report of Paid Invoices
  • Check Pre-List and Cash Requirements Report
  • Voucher Check Register
  • Check Reconciliation Register
  • Aged Open A/P Reports using standard or user-defined aging intervals
  • Voucher Entry Transaction Register
  • Vendor Master List
  • Recurring A/P List

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable assists companies in managing cash flows through improved credit and collections control. Clients can track individual customer invoices until they are paid with this open-item system, and payments can be applied as desired to outstanding invoice balances, which saves considerable time when analyzing accounts. Separate contractor sub-account job processing may be maintained for contractor jobs. Service financing charges can be automatically applied to past due accounts. Additionally, customer statements may be printed on demand, and selective aging reports produced, based on criteria that operators define. Enhanced customer inquiry applications displays also lead to better customer account collection control.

  • Maintain separate sub-accounts for contracted jobs
  • Automatically apply to past due accounts charges
  • Print customer statements on demand
  • Utilize online selective inquiry to search and access up-to-the-minute accounts receivable statuses
  • Easily reclassify invoices as in dispute,” “notes receivable, in suspense, etc
  • Automatically perform daily audits by location/classification via balancing Accounts Receivable Systems with General Ledger systems
  • Obtain easy application of payments through online displays of full screen cash receipts that need processing
  • Reduce the typical end of month workload and spread the billing process throughout the month via A/R cycle billing and history
  • Minimize bad debt through lien processing (track and report by job location and include pre-lien, lien notices, lien waiver notices)