Enhance the control, visibility, and management of building materials through real-time inventory control with Woodstock Building Material System.read_more

Financial Systems
With the ability to integrate with Woodstock and other inventory software, this software simplifies a company’s finances and allows for automated invoicing.read_more

Our strong partnerships with industry-leading companies like IBM allow us to offer the latest and greatest technologies to clients.read_more

Inventrac is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive solution that has the ability to transform the way the distribution & warehousing industry operates.read_more

V&A provides a wide array of consulting services, including hardware/software design, project management, and personal recruitment.read_more

Software Design
V&A experts conceive and implement custom software and programming designs where packaged software is not available.read_more
About Voelker & Associates

At Voelker & Associates, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions available to fit the needs of our clients, including custom designs if off-the-shelf products won’t cut it. As a full service business partner, we offer hardware and software selections, procurement, management, day-to-day IT operations, and complete IT packages to a variety of industries from wholesale to retail distribution, building materials warehousing, and more. With an array of proven business to business retail software and ERP solutions for companies of all sizes, Voelker & Associates offer the products needed to enhance business efficiency and the 24x7x365 service to keep clients operating at their best.